About Us

Omimaj Konsult Limited, RC 74,496, was incorporated on 07/08/1985 and is registered by COREN as an engineering firm, EF 00080. Since inception Omimaj Konsult Ltd. has been engaged in qualitative civil and structural engineering consultancy. Our firm provides services in engineering analysis, design, management, planning, supervision and construction. We undertake studies, documentation of problems in the field of civil and structural engineering practice not limited to the under listed fields:

  • Collectors and engineering structures
  • Civil, highways, urban roads, bridges, infrastructure and auxiliary works
  • Gas piping, water distribution and supply
  • Structures and buildings of all types and of different materials and systems.

Omimaj Konsult Ltd. has been involved in the design of about five hundred and fifty projects, over seventy percent of which have been completely constructed. Residential buildings account for a large percent of the job undertaken and they vary in concepts, sizes and strata. We have been equally involved in offices, industrial buildings, public structures, schools, hospitals, and places of worship for Christians, Muslims as well as traditional religion. The economic reality of the time and at times importance of structures has forced for redevelopment, rehabilitation, reconstruction or reinstatement of existing structure. Civil works have been undertaken in terms of design and construction.

  • Engr. Michael Omishore, BSc, MSc (Civi/Structures), MNSE
  • Engr. (Mrs.) Jitka Omishore, BSc, MSc (Civil/Structures), MNSE
  • Engr. Ivan Kamenicek, BSc, MSc (Underground Structures), CSc
  • Engr. Abayomi Omishore, BSc, MSc (Civil/ Structures), PhD, BSc Arch
  • Engr. Ayodeji Omishore, BSc, MSc (Civil/Structures)